Travel Inspiration: Odle Mountains

Am I Dreaming?

Odle Mountains [Dolomites, Italy]

Odle Mountains | Part of the Dolomites, the Odle Mountains rise more than 7,000 feet in the air and create a curiously mesmerizing skyline in northern Italy. The mountain range stretches between South Tyrol, Belluno and Trentino provinces, creating part of the Valley of Funes. The town of Villnöß adopted a coat-of-arms in the 1960s that symbolizes three prominent peaks in the Odle Group.

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Lauren Elizondo

Autumn foliage, architectural decay, that feeling you get in your stomach when you speed over a dip in the road – these are just a few of Lauren Elizondo’s favorite things she’s had the chance to experience while traveling. When Lauren’s not writing about travel, she’s exploring … or at least daydreaming about her next journey. So far, she’s made some of her fondest memories on Lake Superior’s inspirational North Shore and while roadtripping through the Colorado Rockies.

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