9 Fascinating Places to Experience the Salt of the Earth

You haven’t tasted saltwater until you’ve accidently swallowed a mouthful of the Dead Sea. Every year travelers journey to Israel, as well as other parts of the earth, to capture a glimpse – and perhaps a taste – of some of earth’s most remarkable saline ponds, salt pans and mines. From the crusty flats of Salar de Uyuni to the depths of Austria’s Salzwelten, where you can find an entire rock salt-carved cathedral, the world’s saltiest places are also sometimes the most intriguing. See for yourself:

Salzwelten Hallein [Salzburg, Austria]Salzwelten, Hallein, Austria | Claiming to be the oldest mine in the world, Salzwelten has been mined for “white gold” – salt – for more than 2,500 years. Visitors to Austria’s Dürrnberg plateau have a chance to explore a web of ancient tunnels created by Celtic miners on a walking tour and an underground wooden boat ride.
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