1 Country, 4 Cultures: Where to Go to See All Sides of Switzerland

While the snow-capped Alps and valleys dappled with vivid blue lakes have earned Switzerland its canvas-worthy reputation, it’s the artist’s palette of cultures that is the signature of this beloved European country. When you travel to Switzerland, you are also visiting Germany, France, Italy and Austria. That means potentially hearing someone exclaim, “Oh wie schön!”as you gaze at the crooked peak of the Matterhorn, or watching the sun set over sparkling Lake Geneva while another onlooker lets out a quiet “ooh la la.” The type of language you hear may vary depending on what region you are visiting, but one thing is constant: Switzerland will awaken all your senses.

Matterhorn [Switzerland]
: Matterhorn
Language: German

Reaching more than 14,600 feet into the air, the Matterhorn is one of the tallest mountains in the Swiss Alps. Below it sits the town of Zermatt – a famous ski resort and mountaineering hotspot. Visitors can hop on a chair lift that will take them up to Klein Matterhorn (the highest drop-off point for skiers and hikers), or board the Glacier Express.
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