9 Ways to Judge Europe by its Cover

For those who own more dog-eared paperbacks than they’d like to admit, there is no richer travel destination than Europe. Explore the haunts of literature’s most enduring authors and their beloved characters in these nine destinations made for bibliophiles:
Aerial view of London [London, England]

London, England | No city is more paramount to English language and literature than London. The home of Milton, Chaucer, Shakespeare and Dickens, to name but a rare few, London is a literature capital that could take years to explore. Westminster Abbey is a good place to begin. The South Transept is known as Poets’ Corner and is the final resting place of myriad literary giants, including Rudyard Kipling and Thomas Hardy. Join a group or take your own walking tour past the homes of cherished English authors or retrace the footsteps of beloved characters in their favorite London haunts.
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