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Argentina at a Glance

Exciting, diverse Argentina offers a travel opportunity for everyone. From the vibrant cultural hub of Buenos Aires to the rain forest to the high Andes Mountains travelers and adventurers will find things to love and collect stories for later. 

Warm and steamy Buenos Aires pulses with life. Outdoor cafes, overflowing flower gardens and sophisticated city residents are all part of the fabric of life here. At night, dance and drink to any music your heart desires.

Outside the city, have your pick of terrain to explore. Visit high, dry deserts and wind blown steppes. Wander through a sticky, warm forest listening to the calls of tropical birds. Elsewhere, breath the thin air in deeply as you ascend higher and higher into the Andes Mountains. Whether you want to wander across a glacier, ice pick in hand, or glide through the rain forest on a zip line, Argentina is ready to be explored. 

Finally, for the country's cultural side, stroll the city streets and discover where all the fuss is coming from. It may be a packed bar with the current football match on TV, or a busy terraced cafe serving Argentina's famous steaks, or maybe a late night dance-club filled with young people blowing off steam.  

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Popular Places
  • Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
  • Cordoba (AR) Cordoba (AR)
  • Mendoza Mendoza
Getting There
Major Airports
  • Major Airport Ministro Pistarini International Airport
  • Major Airport Aeropuerto Internacional Ing. Ambrosio Taravella
  • Major Airport Governor Francisco Gabrielli International Airport

Passport / Visa Requirements

Tourists must pay an approximately $160 reciprocity fee before they enter the country. They must present this receipt along with their passport or visa required for entry. American citizens can enter Argentina with a passport and this receipt of payment. if you stay for longer than three months, a visa will be required. For more information, contact the Argentinian Embassy. American citizens can learn more on the U.S Department of State website.  

Need to Know

Severe Weather: Northern Argentina is much warmer than the southern region. Altitude differences change the temperature drastically. 

Safety Concerns Don't carry valuables around with you and keep your belongings out of sight. Pickpockets, muggers and kidnappers pray on tourists in some areas and it is best not to attract attention with your belongings. In addition, travelers should be careful driving and walking on streets as traffic can be quite unruly. 

Health Concerns Speak with your doctor before visiting Argentina to learn about vaccinations and health precautions you should take before traveling to Argentina. 

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