Travel Planning
Baja California
Travel Planning
Baja California

Baja California at a Glance

Take the peninsular highway 1 all the way down the coast to get a feel for the spectacular scenery Baja California has to offer. At beach towns, the sun glints off the water and makes you glad you brought sunglasses. In the distance, surfers catch the perfect wave and work up hearty appetites for everything from fusion cooking, to traditional Mexican home-cooking.

Back on the road again, you can veer off into the mountains and see tiny villages perched on hillsides, acres of blooming cactus and the endless stars of the desert at nighttime. At the Parque Nacional Sierra San Pedro Mártin, take a look skyward to catch a glimpse of the rare California Condor, which is being rehabilitated here. Bring your own water and pitch a tent so you can explore the park in the morning. 

Eventually, run out of road at the famously beautiful Lands End in Cabo San Lucas. The gulls, seabirds, and craggy shoreline make a wonderful finish to your trip. 


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Popular Places
  • Cabo San Lucas Cabo San Lucas
  • Tijuana Tijuana
  • La Paz, Baja California La Paz, Baja California
  • Ensenada Ensenada
  • Loreto Loreto
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Major Airports
  • Major Airport Manuel Márquez de León International Airport
  • Major Airport Cabo San Lucas International Airport
  • Major Airport Tijuana International Airport

Passport / Visa Requirements

American tourists and residents of Schengen countries usually do not need a visa to visit Mexico if tourism is the purpose of their trip. However, the Mexican authorities issue you a tourist card when you enter the country and it is important that you hold on to it. The cost of the tourist card varies with the exchange rate and is somewhere around $22. If your trip includes work, humanitarian aid or studies, you will need a visa. Contact a Mexican Consulate for more information. American citizens can also research Mexican travel at the U.S State Department website.

Need to Know

Severe Weather and Seismic Events Baja California is in an earthquake prone area. Additionally, hurricanes and tropical storms occasionally affect coastal areas.

Safety Concerns Crime varies from area to area along the Baja peninsula. Keep valuables tucked away and protect yourself by staying in well-lit, populated places, especially at night.

Health Concerns Avoid drinking the water in Mexico unless you are familiar with it. Instead, ask for bottled water.

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