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Bermuda at a Glance

Rose colored beaches, beautiful dive sites and pleasant summer temperatures make Bermuda an attractive island destination for tourists. 

Due to its more northerly position, Bermuda has chilly winters and the majority of tourists prefer to come during the warm summer months. Pink, crescent shaped beaches are covered with sun umbrellas and towels. Just off-shore, divers and snorkelers explore the fish filled reefs. Bermuda is an especially exciting place to scuba dive due to the number of sunken ships mired in the reefs. Hunt for pirate booty among the wreckage, or just underwater sight-see.

Bermuda is just as much fun on land as it is in the sea. Stroll the Old Town of St. George, which is Britain's oldest surviving settlement in the New World. If more history is what you need, check out the Bermuda Maritime Museum. Alternatively, hike through the jungle, or dance til dawn in the City of Hamilton. Bermuda has an adventure for everyone. 

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Getting There
Passport / Visa Requirements

Bermuda is a British overseas territory. Americans, Canadians and nationals of EU member states do not need a visa to visit, but will need their passports. American citizens can learn more about Bermuda by contacting a British Consulate, or by visiting the U.S State Department's website.

Need to Know

Severe Weather Bermuda is further north than many of the Caribbean islands therefore winters are cooler and the island is not as frequently affected by summer hurricanes.

Safety Concerns Motor scooter theft is an enormous problem in the Bermuda. Lock yours up, or stay with it always. Avoid walking in dark places at night and stick with the crowd.

Health Concerns Bermuda's large resorts have desalination plants, but the majority of the island's water comes from rainfall. Ask about the water's suitability for drinking. If you aren't sure, boil it, or purchase bottled water.

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