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Budapest at a Glance

Budapest is an architectural gem alive with Roman ruins, 19th century masterpieces, richly decorated Art Nouveau buildings, all with a smattering of Syrian, Turkish and other eastern-style influences.

Visitors to Budapest traipse the city's many pedestrianized streets to get a feel for its unique beauty. Most of the buildings were built at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Their graceful, Art Nouveau details are a national treasure. Smattered in between, you''ll find buildings that are much older. In fact, this area has been populated since before the Romans. 

Budapest's beautiful cityscape is a part of its past as much as the autocracies of WWII and the Soviet era. Museums, memorials and remembrances of the 20th century's worst oppressions dot the city. Visitors to these world-class sites are reminded of the horrors that took place here as well as the way that the city has moved forward.

What to Expect
High Season
May - September
Low Season
October - April
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      Getting There
      Major Airports
      • Major Airport Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport

      Passport / Visa Requirements

      American, Canadian and European Union citizens do not need a visa to enter Hungary if they intend to stay there for less than three months. All travelers must carry a valid passport which could be subject to inspection at any time. For more information, visit the Hungarian Consulate Office. Additionally, American citizens may use the U.S State Department website to gather travel information.

      Getting Around
      Public Transportation
      • Bus Árpád Bridge Bus Station
      • Light Rail / Rapid Transit Budapest Tram System
      • Ferry BKV Ferries
      • Railroad Keleti Train Station
      Need to Know

      Severe Weather Budapest gets winter snow, but does not have bitterly cold weather. Summer shows can dampen travelers, but generally the weather is warm.

      Safety Concerns Be on the lookout for scams at bars, clubs and restaurants. Pick pockets plague tourist spots. Keep an eye on your belongings and don't leave valuables in your car or in plain sight. 

      Health Concerns Budapest has clean drinking water and good public health. Stay healthy by practicing good hygiene.