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Cambodia at a Glance

Sparkling Cambodia is ready to shine after decades of appalling misery in the 20th century. Visit Cambodia for its budding eco-tourism, its gorgeous temples, lively cities and its countryside filled with emerald forests and rice paddies. 

Cambodia is famous for Angkor Watt the spiritual center and monument to the former Khmer Empire's sophistication with architectural and engineering. This temple and the others scattered around Cambodia are the products of Khmer god-kings and a sight of pilgrimage for many. 

Cambodia's steamy forests, churning rivers and multitudes of animals are just starting to hit eco-tourists' radars. Dig in to Cambodia's natural splendor with hikes, boat rides and tours. Plenty of friendly Cambodians are starting up businesses as tour guides as tourism becomes popular. 

Cities pulse with their own rhythm and vivacity. Food carts on the streets, hawkers shouting and a great tangle of bikes, rickshaws, taxis, animals and cars each head in their own direction. Find your way here, or sit back and enjoy the show of everyday life.  

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Passport / Visa Requirements

Most western tourists will need a visa to enter Cambodia in addition to their valid passport. Cambodian immigration now collects fingerprints and will fine you for overstaying your visa. For more information about specific requirements, visit a Cambodian Consulate. American citizens can do further research at the U.S State Department website as well. 

Need to Know

Severe Weather Wet season occurs in September and October. Travel can be tricky during this time. 

Safety Concerns Beware of snatch and runs and pickpockets. Make a photocopy of your passport and keep it in a separate location from the original. Avoid flashing cameras, phones, cash, computers or jewels. Many jewels, street drugs and even prescription drugs are fake or black market. 

Health Concerns Speak with your doctor at least two months before your trip to get vaccination recommendations and health tips. Purify your water or drink bottled water in Cambodia. It is important to peel and wash fruits and vegetables with purified water as well. Avoid shellfish and under cooked meat. Travelers should be wary of swimming in freshwater as snail parasites may be present and make you sick. 

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