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Travel Planning

Canada at a Glance

Canada has as many opportunities as the country is wide. The coastal fishing villages of the Maritime provinces are filled with halibut, lobster and other fresh fishes. For a thrill, check out the gaping Bay of Fundy with the highest tides in the world and with thick, red mud the beach. Kayak, fish, hike or just enjoy the summer sunshine and rich morning fogs here. Quebec is Canada's French speaking heartland with a culture so distinct from the rest of the country they nearly separated. The majestic Chateau Frontenac steals the show in Quebec City and the southern city of Montreal has nightlife, museums, musical shows and festivals to last the whole year round.

Ottawa is Canada's capital city. Bundle up against the prairie winds and enjoy a skate of the Rideau Canal or head over to Canada's Museum of Civilization. Further west lie the great Canadian prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Head to Winnipeg for a surprisingly vibrant fringe theater and music scene. Calgary hosts the famous Calgary Stampede Rodeo which you won't want to miss if you visit the city in July. British Columbia on the far western shore is home to vibrant Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies. Head here for skiing and urban cultural fusion. 

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Passport / Visa Requirements

American citizens and permanent residents must now have a valid U.S passport or U.S green card to enter Canada. Visitors from other countries may need a tourist visa and can determine their specific requirements by using the website of the Canadian government.  All visitors must be able to convince immigration officials that they have enough money for their trip, that they are healthy, and that they have ties in their home country that will draw them home again at the end of their visit. American citizens can learn more information on world-wide travel at the U.S State Department's website.

Need to Know

Severe Weather Canada's weather runs the gamut from the frozen north to the windy, hot plains, to the cool coastal areas. Once you decide where to visit you can plan necessary clothing and responses to severe weather.

Safety Concerns Canada's crime rates vary by location. Bigger cities tend to see more crime. Where ever you travel exercise common sense precautions and avoid putting your valuables or yourself in harm's way.

Health Concerns Canada has clean public drinking water and good public health. Stay healthy by washing your hands and staying well rested. In back country areas purify your water and be aware of local hazards.

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