Travel Planning
Chiang Mai
Travel Planning
Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai at a Glance

Chiang Mai is one of Thailand's cultural capitals and a center of history, architecture and religion. This booming city is filled with the juxtapositions of ancient Buddhist temples and modern skyscrapers.

Visits to Chiang Mai focus on the rich Buddhist history of this city among the hills. The old city is still surrounded by a moat and is dense with sacred temples. Young monks go to university here and older monks teach, meditate and train. English speakers will be delighted to hear about the Monk Chat that the Buddhist university hosts. Each week, visitors learn about Buddhism and monks and novices practice their English in a cultural exchange.

For those wishing to head out of the city, mountains stand watch over the metropolis and are made sacred by yet more temples that adorn their tops. Walk through sacred jungles to visit Chiang Mai's highlights. Hear monks praying and listen to the monkeys shrieking their responses from the tree tops. This special, spiritual place is a fascinating city to visit.

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High Season
December - May
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June - November
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      Getting There
      Major Airports
      • Major Airport Chiang Mai International Airport

      Passport / Visa Requirements

      American, European, Canadian and many other tourists do not need a visa to visit Thailand. Check with a Thai embassy or consulate to learn more about your particular requirements. American citizens can utilize the U.S State Department website to research travel requirements for countries all over the world.

      Need to Know

      Severe Weather and Seismic Events June through October is the rainy season. Thailand can experience earthquakes and more devastatingly, tsunamis. Stay alert and seek high ground during an earthquake or if the water pulls away from the beach. 

      Safety Concerns: Keep your wits about you if you decide to party hard in Thailand. Both local and foreign thieves and rapists have been known to drug drinks. Travelers should keep their valuables out of sight and avoid walking around at night, especially alone. Some areas of Thailand see violence and terrorist activities. It is a good idea to plan your travels in stable areas. American citizens can check the U.S State Department website to learn about travel alerts and warnings. 

      Health Concerns Talk with your doctor about possible vaccinations at least two months before your trip. Travelers will want to purify their water to avoid stomach problems.