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Cordoba (AR)
Travel Planning
Cordoba (AR)

Cordoba (AR) at a Glance

Cordoba began life as an outpost for Spanish travelers passing from Peru to the Atlantic Ocean through Argentina. With the arrival of the Jesuit order during the 17th century the city transformed itself into a center of religion, education and culture. Today the modern city is an exciting mix of old and new. Students lounge in parks and hole up in coffee shops with their homework. The nightlife is youthful, busy and diverse. Jump around to techno, practice your tango steps or head to the theater. During the day, explore old churches, wander the cobblestones of ancient streets and dig into Argentine and church art at various museums, galleries and churches. 

For those who want a break from city touring, the province of Cordoba's beckons. Rugged mountains are great for climbing.  Fertile valleys are scattered with colonial buildings, cave paintings and bucolic agricultural scenes.

What to Expect
High Season
September - March
Low Season
April - August
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      Getting There
      Major Airports
      • Major Airport Aeropuerto Internacional Ing. Ambrosio Taravella

      Passport / Visa Requirements

      Tourists must pay an approximately $160 reciprocity fee before they enter the country. They must present this receipt along with their passport or visa required for entry. American citizens can enter Argentina with a passport and this receipt of payment. if you stay for longer than three months, a visa will be required. For more information, contact the Argentinian Embassy. American citizens can learn more on the U.S Department of State website.  

      Need to Know

      Severe Weather: Cordoba has a humid sub-tropical climate. Thunderstorms are common from September to December. 

      Safety Concerns Don't carry valuables around with you and keep your belongings out of sight. Pickpockets, muggers and kidnappers pray on tourists in some areas and it is best not to attract attention with your belongings. In addition, travelers should be careful driving and walking on streets as traffic can be quite unruly. 

      Health Concerns Speak with your doctor before visiting Argentina to learn about vaccinations and health precautions you should take before traveling to Argentina.