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Czech Republic
Travel Planning
Czech Republic

Czech Republic at a Glance

From the glorious towers of Prague to the flat, fertile plains to the high mountains of so called "Czech Switzerland," the Czech Republic is waiting to be explored.

Most people start their tour in Prague home of the famous Charles Bridge. Tourists take pictures of the famous bridge at dawn and at dusk when the sun peeks around through the river mist.  Take in Bohemian, Cubist and Art Nouveau art. Admire the city's stunning Gothic architecture and get lost in the maze of narrow streets packed with cafes.

Outside of Prague, the crowds dissipate. Nature lovers can hike and climb to their hearts' content in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Gaze upon acres of dense green forest, animal watch and spot birds. Explore the park's famous gorges either on foot or by boat. Romantic gondola rides through the park could spice up your trip. Stop at every small town and sample some of the local beer with your meal. This could be the adventure of a lifetime.  

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  • Major Airport Prague Václav Havel Airport

Passport / Visa Requirements

U.S travelers need a valid passport with at least two pages available for stamping. For visits of less than 90 days, a tourist visa is not required in the Czech Republic or in other European countries in the Schengen visa zone. Contact a Czech consulate for more detailed information. Additionally, American citizens can use the U.S State Department website to learn more about traveling in the Czech Republic.

Need to Know

Severe Weather The Czech Republic has moderate temperatures that are affected by elevation. Rain and snow are more common at higher elevations.

Safety Concerns Pickpockets are a large problem in touristy areas. Protect your passport and your valuables and consider wearing a money belt.

Health Concerns The Czech Republic has clean drinking water and limited communicable diseases. Stay safe by practicing good hygiene.

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