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Dominica at a Glance

Dominica is often called "the Nature Destination" because of the preservation and nature projects the island's government has undertaken since the 1960s. Visitors can enjoy eco-tourism, hiking, boating, river swimming, snorkeling, and much more.

Dominica is a volcanic island and is slowly gaining territory. Curious fish and turtles frequently congregate by underwater geothermal vents you can join them for a hot-tub like scuba experience. On land, mud pots and boiling lakes make for fascinating hiking destination.

Rivers carve through the volcanic rock towards the sea in a series of steep channels and waterfalls. Waterfall photography and river swimming are extremely popular activities. 

If you are looking for pristine, white beaches, Dominica is not for you. Beaches are black and rocky as a result of the continued volcanism on the island. If you can get past the rocks, the secluded swimming and diving will take your breath away. 

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Passport / Visa Requirements

Visitors to Dominica need a valid passport to enter the country as well as proof of a return ticket. Canadian and French tourists may only need photo identification in some cases. Learn about Dominica's entry requirements at their tourism website. American citizens can research travel information on the U.S State Department's website.

Need to Know

Severe Weather Dominica lies in a region especially prone to hurricanes. Stay tuned the weather forecasts and consider postponing your trip if a violent storm is approaching.

Safety Concerns Keep an eye on your personal belongings and don't leave things unattended on the beach. Driving can be fast, twisty and full of potholes.

Health Concerns Ask about local water and consider boiling it or using bottled water if you are concerned.

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