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Eastern Europe
Travel Planning
Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe at a Glance

From the astonishingly colorful towers of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow to the sea-side resorts of the Baltic and Black Seas, western Russia has plenty to pique the traveler's interest.

Explore historic churches, castles and town squares. Watch an elegant ballet danced by some of the world's most renown ballet companies. Sample vodka, nourish yourself on borscht, cabbage, bread and chocolate. Dance the night away in a high-energy techno dance club and stumble out at 4AM to find the sun has never set. Gaze heavenward during the eternal winter and watch the northern lights smear the sky red, green and yellow. In the countryside, raft down a rushing river with a guide and a life jacket. Hike up to a peak in the Urals. Ride a train. Admire Christmas lights. Western Russia is at your fingertips, ready to be explored.

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Passport / Visa Requirements

Tourists to Russia must have a visa and visa requirements vary depending on your country of origin. American travelers need to prove they have hotel reservations, home stay accommodations, or a through-destination if they pass through Russia during transit. Upon arrival in Russia, you must register your visa. Travelers are also given an entry card which they should not lose. Failure to follow through with all the steps of a Russian visa could result in fines and difficulty leaving the country. American citizens can learn about travel requirements by using the U.S State Department's website. Russian consular offices can update travelers of all nationalities about their specific requirements for visiting Russia. 

Need to Know

Severe Weather Russia can be extremely cold and windy in the wintertime so dress appropriately. Areas near the Baltic are milder and wetter.

Safety Concerns The U.S State Department occasionally issues travel advisories for parts of Russia. Travelers should be on the lookout for pickpockets and should protect their passports from theft.

Health Concerns HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis are concerns for travelers. Speak with your doctor before traveling to Russia to get vaccination recommendations and learn ways to stay healthy. Don't drink the water in St. Petersburg as its parasites cause travelers horrible gastrointestinal problems. Consider drinking bottled water elsewhere as well.

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