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French Polynesia
Travel Planning
French Polynesia

French Polynesia at a Glance

French Polynesia is a vacationer's paradise. White, pink and black sand beaches attract bathing beauties of all stripes while the aquamarine island lagoons provide hospitable beach environment for humans and underwater animals. While the ocean-facing beaches are breathtaking and often rough, the sheltered lagoons are a safe and really interesting place to swim and dive. Join sting rays, fish, dolphins, sharks and turtles who live in these sheltered waters. Kite surf, boat, swim dive or simply wade and take in these picture-perfect beaches. 

When you grow tired of idyllic Pacific waters, consider exploring the island chain's moss covered mountains and saw tooth-like rocks. Whether ocean-side walks full of vistas or rugged interior scrambles are your passion, the islands have plants, animals and sights unique to them. 


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  • Bora Bora Bora Bora
  • Tahiti Tahiti
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Major Airports
  • Regional Airport Bora Bora Airport
  • Major Airport Fa'a'a International Airport

Passport / Visa Requirements

Tourists do not need a visa to visit French Polynesia as long as they have a return ticket and will be staying for less than three months. Travelers must have a passport valid for at least six months after their departure date. For more information, contact a French Consulate's office. American citizens can use the U.S State Department's website to learn more information about travel in French Polynesia. 

Need to Know

Severe Weather and Seismic Activities French Polynesia has occasional earthquakes. Pay attention should a tsunami alert be issued. Cyclone season is from November to April. 

Safety Concerns French Polynesia is a safe place to visit and crime against tourists is uncommon. As with anywhere, avoid leaving your personal belongings unattended and stay out of the way of cranky drunks. Be careful of currents, rip-tides and sneaker waves while on the beach. Ask around to get suggestions on safe beaches. 

Health Concerns No vaccinations are required for trips to French Polynesia. However, the islands have fierce if non-disease carrying mosquito so insect repellent is suggested. 

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