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Greece at a Glance

Let Greece take you by a storm with its awesome ruins, delicious food and endless opportunities for swimming, hiking and rock climbing.

If classical history is your jam, then Greece will be your paradise. The islands are covered with the buildings and the materials that ancient cultures left behind them. Due to the warm weather and easy sailing, the Minoans, Greeks, Romans and Byzantines all moved through the area leaving evidence of their lives and settlements.

Just as they were centuries ago, the Greek people are master builders. Whole villages cling picturesquely to seaside cliffs and are built on near vertical patches of land and rock. Visitors can walk and hike along miles of sea-side cliffs admiring the brightly colored houses.

In Athens, travelers can find the urban flavor they crave for. Visit colorful markets, head to the stores for shopping, visit museums, and sample Greek Cuisine. What are you waiting for?

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Popular Places
  • Athens Athens
  • Santorini Santorini
  • Crete Crete
  • Rhodes Rhodes
  • Thessaloniki Thessaloniki
  • Mykonos Mykonos
  • Corfu Corfu
Getting There
Major Airports
  • Major Airport Athens International Airport
  • Regional Airport Santorini (Thira) National Airport
  • Major Airport Thessaloniki International Airport

Passport / Visa Requirements

American, Canadian and European Union citizens do not need a visa to enter Greece if they intend to stay there for less than three months. All travelers must carry a valid passport which could be subject to inspection at any time. For more information, contact a Greek consulate's office. American citizens can find out more information by using the U.S State Department website.

Need to Know

Severe Weather Greece has a warm, Mediterranean climate although micro-climates occur in sheltered pocket and mountainous regions are snowy during the winter. 

Safety Concerns Some Athenian bars have tourist scams where solo men are encouraged to buy drinks for friendly local girls. The resulting drinks bill is astronomically high. Pick pocketing is a minor problem and most theft occurs from other travelers staying in hotels and hostels.

Health Concerns Jelly fish and anemones can be painful nuisances on the beach. Watch out for them when you swim or walk in bare feet. During the summer, avoid snake bite by wearing shoes and long pants. Travelers may want mosquito repellent.

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