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Guadalajara at a Glance

Charming Guadalajara is sometimes overlooked by tourists who favor coastal vacations. However, if it's Mexican culture, artisan products or big-city experiences you are after, you'll find Guadalajara to be a safe, fun and vivacious city to visit. 

Guadalajara is a famous hub for artists and craftspeople. The downtown murals by Jose Clemente Orozco depict the struggle for freedom among Jalisco's pre-Hispanic people and are overshadowed by the artist's political commentary on the rise of fascism during the 1930s. Visitors can see Orozco's murals in several areas of the city, but the most famous are housed at the Instituto Cultural de Cabanas. 

Outside the city, suburban craft studios produce some of the area's most intriguing pottery, metalwork and carving. Head to the city's fringes where you can purchase directly from the artist and find the best deals.

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December - April
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May - November
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      Getting There
      Major Airports
      • Major Airport Aeropuerto Internacional Miguel Hidalgo

      Passport / Visa Requirements

      American tourists and residents of Schengen countries usually do not need a visa to visit Mexico if tourism is the purpose of their trip. However, the Mexican authorities issue you a tourist card when you enter the country and it is important that you hold on to it. The cost of the tourist card varies with the exchange rate and is somewhere around $22. If your trip includes work, humanitarian aid or studies, you will need a visa. Contact a Mexican Consulate for more information. American citizens can also research Mexican travel at the U.S State Department website.

      Need to Know

      Severe Weather Guadalajara has some of Mexico's best weather. Warm days and cool nights make sight-seeing easy. Bring a raincoat for July-October travel when torrential rains briefly inundate the city.  

      Safety Concerns Guadalajara is a fairly safe city, but it's best to use commonsense precautions. Get taxis from taxi stands and avoid ATMs at night. 

      Health Concerns Smog in Guadalajara be quite severe, especially from October to February. Sensitive populations may want to travel at a different time of year when pollution levels are lower. Mexican water can sicken those who are unaccustomed to it. Order bottled water with no ice just to be on the safe side. During the rainy season, wear insect repellent and long sleeves to avoid getting mosquito-borne illnesses. You may want to speak with your doctor prior to traveling to address any health concerns.