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Israel at a Glance

Holy sites, ski slopes, seaside views and gorgeous gardens: modern Israel has three-thousand years' worth of history to fascinate you and then another thousand years' worth of outdoor activities, museums, cafes, restaurants and markets to explore. 

Spend at least a few days pondering antiquities, admiring ancient buildings and probing questions of faith. Enjoy the rich and diverse collection of people who travel to Israel on pilgrimage or out of curiosity. Visit religious sites, go underground on an archaeological tour, stand in an ancient square whose paving stones are worn from footsteps. When you're done, visit historic market places and admire the fruits, nuts, olives, oils and other foods on display. 

Modern Israel is never too far away from its past, so watch ordinary people living their lives midst thousand-year old buildings. Enjoy strong coffee, a dance performance or an evening drink while old walls cocoon you. Ski the slopes of Mt. Hermon on the Israel-Syrian boarder or plunge yourself into the Red Sea on the other side of the country. Embrace all that Israel has to offer. 

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Passport / Visa Requirements

Travelers to Israel must have a valid passport with at least one page available for stamping. Tourists purchase a visa in the airport upon landing in Israel. Travel to the West Bank and to Gaza can be difficult and is only legal through certain access points. Physical searches and long detainment are possible when traveling in contested areas. American citizens can learn more about travel requirements through the U.S State Department's website. 

Need to Know

Severe Weather: It can get chilly in Israel during the winter months and the coastal cities may see snow flurries. Summertime is quite hot and muggy so it's a good idea to protect yourself from the heat. 

Safety Concerns The US, the UK and other nations have travel alerts posted for portions of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. American citizens can check the U.S State Department's website to get travel alert updates. When traveling, be respectful of religious sites and dress appropriately. Visitors should be wary of pickpockets and purse snatchers. 

Health Concerns Israel can be very hot so it is wise to protect yourself from heat exhaustion and to keep well hydrated. 

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