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Japan at a Glance

Japan is a destination like no other. Indulge yourself in carefully prepared dinners, visit a cat cafe, sit in a zen garden, or go skiing in Japan's high, snowy mountains. Top it all off with a soak in a public hot bath and you'll be refreshed and ready to do it all again. 

Traveling in Japan you'll have your fill of pagodas, lightly scented gardens, carefully thought-out artwork and beautifully designed spaces. Indulge all of your senses and experience the meticulous thoughtfulness with which the Japanese design their spaces. 

Attention to detail is what has made Japan's food so famous. Taste freshly caught fish prepared with rice, seaweed and spices. Relish a delicate piece of sushi with soft, buttery fish atop. Slurp up a bowl of rich noodles and savor the flavorful broth at the bottom.

Outdoor types don't automatically think of Japan when planning their next trekking, skiing, snowboarding or even snorkeling adventure, but they should. High, snowy mountains make for exciting places to play outside, while the coral reefs that surround parts of Japan are really neat places to dive.   

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Passport / Visa Requirements

Most travelers to Japan do not need a visa, especially if leisure is their sole activity and they plan to stay fewer than 90 days. For more information, contact a Japanese Embassy. American citizens can learn more about travel requirements on the U.S State Department website. 

Need to Know

Severe Weather and Seismic Events Northern Japan has severe winters and big snowfalls while the southern portions are subtropical. August - October is typhoon season in the south and bad weather can make travel difficult. Japan has earthquakes and since it is an island nation, it is important to pay attention for tsunami alerts and seek high ground if necessary. 

Safety Concerns Japan is a safe place to travel, but it is important to use common sense. Keep valuables out of sight and avoid neighborhoods where you feel unsafe. Everyone should keep an eye on their drinks while at bars and clubs to protect themselves from robbery or sexual assault. 

Health Concerns Air-pollution and altitude sickness can bother tourists especially those with breathing or heart difficulties. Some areas of Japan have heightened amounts of radiation due to the recent Fukushima nuclear disaster. 

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