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Kathmandu at a Glance

Kathmandu buzzes with activity. Vendors, taxis, rickshaws, touts, shoppers, children and animals fill the streets. The government of Nepal has its seat here and the magnificent number and size of the temples that fill the city speak to its long history as a cultural, religious and economic center. 

Kathmandu has plenty of options for tourists. Parts of the city have amenities that appeal particularly to western tourists. You can find internet cafes and a latte here, which may be a welcome sight if you've been out in the back country all week. However, the city has a lot to recommend itself beyond its tourist friendly set-up. Stand in its huge squares and marvel at the rows of temples whose tiered roof-lines and sheer numbers make you feel like you are in a building forest. Get some street food, peruse local artisan wears and breath in the high mountain air. 

What to Expect
High Season
October - November, February - April
Low Season
May - September, December - January
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      Getting There
      Major Airports
      • Major Airport Tribhuvan International Airport

      Passport / Visa Requirements

      Travelers to Nepal need a valid passport and a tourist visa. Visas can be obtained at various entry points, but can also be purchased at an Embassy of Nepal or a consulate's office. For more information, contact the Embassy of Nepal. American tourists can learn more at the U.S State Department's travel website

      Need to Know

      Severe Weather June through September is the monsoon season and is the wettest and frequently muddiest season. Mudslides, leeches and high water make travel unpleasant or impossible.  

      Safety Concerns Political unrest, mandatory curfews and frequent strikes make travel unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. Do not violate curfew as soldiers have orders to shoot on sight. Female travelers will want to dress modestly and should not travel alone with a male guide. 

      Health Concerns Rabies and waterborne illnesses could ruin your visit. Speak with a doctor at least two months before your trip to schedule vaccinations and discuss reducing your health risks.