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Mexico at a Glance

Mexico will take you by storm whether you are exploring the smoking volcanic craters and prickly cacti of the desert, lying on a dazzling emerald beach or marveling at the art and architecture of Mexico's diverse people. Grab your sunglasses and get ready for an adventure.

Mexico City is Mexico's largest city and packed to the gills with things to do. Dance the night away in a trendy club, visit the Zócalo--old town-- to see the tombstones of the city's families, pick up lunch from a street stall and watch a brightly dressed dance troupe whirl through the streets as you eat.

If visiting one of the world's largest urban area's leaves you in need of respite, head to the beach for some time sunbathing under an umbrella. Be sure to come back out again to explore Chichén Itzá, one of Mexico's best preserved Mayan sites. For adventurers, the bird-watching, wildlife viewing, hiking and camping of the northern Sierra Madre Occidental is second to none.

Whatever your passion, you can find a trip through Mexico that will leave you yearning to go back.

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Passport / Visa Requirements

American tourists and residents of Schengen countries usually do not need a visa to visit Mexico if tourism is the purpose of their trip. However, the Mexican authorities issue you a tourist card when you enter the country and it is important that you hold on to it. The cost of the tourist card varies with the exchange rate and is somewhere around $22. If your trip includes work, humanitarian aid or studies, you will need a visa. Contact a Mexican Consulate for more information. American citizens can also research Mexican travel at the U.S State Department website.

Need to Know

Severe Weather Mexico can be very hot and during the summer months, the coastal regions will receive hurricanes and tropical storms. Stay tuned to the weather for changes in the local forecast.

Safety Concerns Mexico struggles with drug related crime so it is important to research the place you will be staying. Petty theft is a far more common problem for tourists. When traveling, make sure your valuables are secure and out of sight.

Health Concerns Smog in Mexico City and other urban areas can be quite severe. Those with breathing difficulties should take pollution rates into consideration. Mexican water can sicken those who are unaccustomed to it. Order bottled water with no ice just to be on the safe side.

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