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Travel Planning

Nairobi at a Glance

Big, rangy Nairobi is often a tourist's first glimpse of Kenya. This big city has it all from a be-suited downtown, an embassy and ex-pat district and areas filled with lively restaurants, cafes and bars. True, parts of the city are violent and unstable, but you can stay safe by paying attention and being well-informed about your surroundings. 

Nairobi is one of the only places in Kenya where you can diversify your eating. Deeply fragrant and heavily spiced Swahili flavors mingle with the pallet cleansing freshness of coastal seafood dishes. Traditional Mesai cooking is heavily meat based and juicy cuts are served on skewers or even spears. Hearken back to the flavors of the colonial-era with the occasional British influenced meal. Much more common are British influenced watering holes. Join locals for an evening swilling gin and tonics, ciders, beers and other delights. It won't be an evening you'll forget.  

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High Season
January - February
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March - December
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      Getting There
      Major Airports
      • Major Airport Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

      Passport / Visa Requirements

      Travelers to Kenya need a valid passport from their country of origin and a visa. Visas can be acquired ahead of time by contacting a Kenyan Consulate's office. Some nationals can apply for a visa in the airport upon arrival in Kenya. All travelers must have proof of yellow fever vaccination in order to be admitted to the country. American citizens can learn about the process by referencing the U.S State Department's website. 

      Need to Know

      Severe Weather Wet season begins in March for most parts of Kenya and April sees heavy rainfall and hoards of mosquitoes.   It is hard to travel at this time. 

      Safety Concerns Kenya is frequently under travel warnings sent out by the Canadian, American and British governments. American citizens can check the U.S State Department's website for travel alerts to Kenya and for detailed descriptions of safety and security risks. All travelers should avoid displaying or wearing anything valuable, keep windows rolled up when driving and not resist if their vehicle is overtaken by hijackers. Violence and terrorism is especially pronounced near the Somali boarder and in some areas of Nairobi. 

      Health Concerns: Travelers should come prepared with a water filtration system and with an international certification of vaccination. Yellow fever vaccines are required to enter the country. Speak with your doctor at least two months before your trip to discuss health risks and to set up vaccination appointments.