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Namibia at a Glance

Deserts, mountains, dense bushes and arid plains make up Namibia's beautiful and unforgettable landscape. Get ready for outdoor excitement whether it's catching a wave on the South Atlantic coast, sleeping out under the stars or watching zebra nibble their way through the grasslands. 

Namibia's capital is a small but lively city called Windoek. A diverse population of many cultures and ethnicities make this city fun. Browse boutique stores for craft items and textiles. Try barbequed game meats such as zebra, or enjoy millet porridge and meat stew as many Namibians do. Namibia retains some German colonial influence so visitors can sit back with a beer and a brat as well.

Elsewhere, dive into nature. The Atlantic coast has the popular resort town Swakopmund. Surf, enjoy the beach and watch for animals. At Etosha National Park, watch rhinos, zebras, lions and other animals drink, eat, play and sleep. Much of Namibia is parkland so you won't want to waste a minute while you are trying to enjoy it all.

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  • Etosha National Park Etosha National Park
  • Swakopmund Swakopmund
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  • Major Airport Hosea Kutako Airport

Passport / Visa Requirements

Travelers entering Namibia will need a valid passport and a visa. Many travelers can get their visa at the airport. You need to have at least six blank pages in your passport when you enter and exit the country, especially if you are traveling to or from South Africa. All travelers should visit the Namibian Embassy's website for specific entry requirements as these can change frequently. U.S residents can use the U.S State Department website for more information as well. 

Need to Know

Severe Weather Namibia's weather varies by region. The central Namib Desert will have terribly hot days and below freezing nights. The northeastern part of the country sees the most rainfall. Nationwide, rain falls January through April. 

Safety Concerns Nambia doesn't pose a large threat to tourists' security. Avoid flashing your cash, leave valuables at home and safeguard your passport. It's best to walk in groups after dark, especially in Windoek.

Health Concerns: Tourists should speak with their doctor at least two months before their trip to discuss vaccinations and travel health. While in Namibia, purify or boil your water.

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