Travel Planning
New Mexico
Travel Planning
New Mexico

New Mexico at a Glance

New Mexico is a state with unique and undeniable appeal. From the wondrous natural landscapes to the local art, you will be surrounded by beauty no matter where you turn. 

Because of its mountainous landscape, New Mexico is the perfect place to enjoy outdoor recreational activities. Depending on the season, visitors can spend their time skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing and hiking. If you don't particularly enjoy the desert scene, there are national forests and other wild areas that can also be explored. 

One of the best reasons to visit New Mexico is for the cultural experience. Due to its large Spanish and Native American population, New Mexico has a unique culture unlike any other state in America. Spend time visiting the Ancestral Puebloan ruins or the Aztec Ruins National Monument. If you like art, Sante Fe and Taos both have many talented artists as well as several well-known art galleries that showcase the distinctive New Mexico style. 

A state like no other, New Mexico is the perfect place to vacation at any time of the year.  

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Need to Know

Severe Weather New Mexico has an arid climate and is quite dry and warm. However, snow falls in winter, especially at higher elevations, so be prepared with warm clothes and appropriate drivers' safety. 

Safety Concerns: Crime varies by region in New Mexico. Stay safe where ever you are by protecting yourself and your belongings.

Health Concerns New Mexico may have poor air-quality days where sensitive populations need to be cautious. Otherwise, the state has good water and limited communicable diseases.

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