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Northern Europe
Travel Planning
Northern Europe

Northern Europe at a Glance

Northern Europe stretches from all the way up at the Arctic Circle to down to the southern end of England.

Fun-loving Scandinavians have decorated their cities, towns and clothing with funky designs and bright colors. Admire the architecture of Oslo's waterfront with its famous modern Opera House. Enjoy an eclectic meal at one of Copenhagen's avant-garde forager eateries. Dance the night away in Helsinki or head towards the arctic for a plunge into a frozen lake and a warm up in the sauna. Look above you at the northern lights during the wintertime and catch sight of a reindeer that is not confined to a Christmas card.

Further east lie Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Ancient ruins, medieval castles and endless bogs and forest are open to the explorer while quirky cities beckon with arts, music and nightlife. These post-soviet countries are just waiting to be explored and in the summer, the sunlight stretches on until the wee hours of the morning.

Ireland and the United Kingdom are last on our stop through Northern Europe. Enjoy ancient cities pulsing with modern life. Let the green of the rain soaked islands take you by surprise.


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Passport / Visa Requirements

Schengen visa holders can move about freely in much of Northern Europe with the exception of the UK, Ireland, Denmark, and the Baltic states who do not fully participate. Visitors should check with individual country's immigration websites or their consulates to learn about travel requirements. For all trips into Northern Europe, visitors will need a valid passport from their country of origin. American citizens can learn more about travel requirements by using the U.S State Department's website.

Need to Know

Severe Weather Snowy conditions are the norm in Scandinavian countries during the winter. Northern European countries also receive a great deal of fog. Drivers should watch out for slippery winter roads and limited visibility. In some cases, storms coming in off the Atlantic and the North Sea can pummel coastal regions.

Safety Concerns Each country in Northern Europe has its own safety and crime concerns, but on the whole, the area is safe for travelers. Be aware of your surroundings and watch out for petty theft.

Health Concerns Drinking water is safe in northern Europe and the risk of catching a communicable disease is low. Wash hands to stay healthy while traveling.

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