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Travel Planning

Philippines at a Glance

The Philippines contain over 7000 islands, some of which you could have all to yourself. Flop on the beach for some tanning and a good book. Catch a roller on your surf board and ride it in to shore. Tackle some of the most rewarding diving and swim with whale sharks, gaze at coral and explore mangled shipwrecks. 

When you get tired of digging your toes into the warm sands, seeks out adventure. Wind your way on a jungle hike and listen to the shrieks and caws in the canopy. Look up to see monkeys, colorful birds and mysterious insects. If you yearn for a challenge, go volcanic climbing. Hiking to the top of volcanic mountains gives you a birds eye view of the jungle, the ocean and beyond. If that's not enough, rafting, kayaking and wake boarding all wait for you. 

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Passport / Visa Requirements

Nationals from nearly every country in the world can enter the Philippines with just a valid passport if their stay is for less than 21 days. It's a good idea to contact a Filipino embassy or consulate to get the latest update on travel requirements as they are subject to change. American citizens can also use the U.S State Department website as a resource. 

Need to Know

Severe Weather: June to November is typhoon season in the Philippines. Each year, resort and beach areas are inundated by typhoons so it is best to avoid coastal areas during this season. For the rest of the country, typhoons may bring heavy rains even if the area misses the brunt of the storm. 

Safety Concerns Travelers are targeted for scams and rip offs. One of the most common is for someone to drug your drink then rob you. Keep a close eye on your drink and your valuables. When out, it is best to avoid flashing cash, cell phones, I-pods or computers. Due to terrorist and kidnapping activities, some parts of the Philippines are under travel warning. The U.S State Department website keeps an updated list of countries under alert and warning. It is a good idea to check this list, or a list compiled by your home country before planning a trip. 

Health Concerns Speak with your doctor about vaccination suggestions at least two months before your trip. Travelers should also filter or boil their water to keep from getting sick. 

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