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Puerto Varas
Travel Planning
Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas at a Glance

Puerto Varas was built by German immigrants during the early 20th century. Gorgeous lake-front, distant volcanoes and a certain Germanic charm make Puerto Varas a unique and irresistible destination today.

Visitors can't miss Puerto Varas's historic homes. Bungalows, mansions and churches were built in a picturesque German style. Some visitors see enough of these homes in passing, while others prefer to walk a historic loop trail past the buildings. In addition to its homes, Puerto Varas has a beautiful boardwalk and plenty docks offering boat rentals, cruises and lake tours. When you are on the water, look in the distance at the two snow capped volcanoes that loom over the city.

Puerto Varas is a gorgeous city, but it is also a great place to base an outdoor adventure further afield. Try white water rafting, kayaking, fly fishing, biking or even skiing. If you get sore after a day of physical activity, Chile's Lakes Region has scattered hot springs to help you relax.

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Getting There
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  • Major Airport El Tepual International Airport

Passport / Visa Requirements

Visitors to Chile do not need a tourist visa if they intend to stay for fewer than 90 days. Upon arrival at the Santiago Airport, tourists must pay a $160 U.S fee for a tourist card, which must remain with them until their departure. For more information, contact a Chilean Consulate. American citizens can use the U.S State Department's website as a resource as well.

Need to Know

Severe Weather and Seismic Events Puerto Varas has a cool, moist climate. Be prepared for mountain snow during the winter. Earthquakes are a fact of life here and local construction is not always earthquake proof. 

Safety Concerns: Chile is one of South America's safest countries. Keep an eye out for pickpockets just in case. 

Health Concerns:  When volcanoes erupt, it adversely affects air-quality nationwide. Visitors should boil or purify their drinking water.

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