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Romania at a Glance

Romania is a land of startling rural and urban contrasts as well as immense beauty. Travelers will be well rewarded for their trip off the beaten path as they discover Bucharest's urban energy and the haunting castles, brooding forests and beautiful pastoral landscapes of the countryside. 

The Carpathian Mountains are a popular tourist draw. Hikers will find a network of huts to shelter in as they hike through alpine meadows and past gorgeous mountain scenery. 

For time at the beach, head to the resort towns that line the Black Sea. Check out the Danube Delta for protected wildlife viewing, fishing, hiking, boating and bird watching. 

Romania's medieval castles and quaint villages are another side of the country. Contrast ancient cottages,peaceful cow pastures and rural folk culture with the pulsing dance-club energy of the capital city Bucharest and you'll have the makings of a fascinating vacation. 

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Passport / Visa Requirements

U.S., Canadian, New Zealand and Australian citizens need a passport to enter Romania and may travel freely there for up to three months. After three months, visitors require a visa. Travelers of E.U. member nations do not need their passports to enter the country if they are traveling for fewer than three months. 

Need to Know

Severe Weather Romania's climate varies by location, the climate could be broadly called continental with cold winters and hot summers. Areas by the Black Sea and milder and more temperate. 

Safety Concerns Romania is a predominantly cash economy, especially in rural areas. Credit card fraud can occur at the few businesses that accept cards. Locals recommend against taking taxis from Bucharest's airports into the city. Taxi drivers have a reputation for over-charging on these routes. Visitors should protect themselves from pickpockets

Health Concerns Keep away from stray packs of dogs and other animals. They may be rabid or vicious. Visitors should consider drinking bottled water or purifying their tap water, especially in rural areas. 

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