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United Arab Emirates
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United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates at a Glance

United Arab Emirates (UAE for short) is home to Dubai, wonderful beaches and a great contradiction between Western consumerism and Islamic religious values. Visiting UAE can be as glamorous as you want with restaurants, limos, all night dancing and designer clothing binges. Alternatively, it can be a bit slower with peeks at heritage areas, camel rides, swimming, diving and mountain climbing. You can pick and chose activities in this desert playground.

Dubai itself is a whirlwind of activity. DJ and crowds party 'til morning, architects build ever higher skyscrapers and fill in the sea with luxury homes. The city is known for its fashion, consumption and luxury. 

Visitors and locals who wish to escape Dubai head to Hatta and the Hajar Mountains. Cooler and less humid than the coast, the arid mountain region can be a relief. Hikes and mountain views are a secondary draw.


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Passport / Visa Requirements

For travel of thirty days of shorter, U.S travelers can obtain a free visa at their point of entry. Everyone must enter the country with a valid passport regardless of nationality. The United Arab Emirates has travel restrictions for visitors who positive for HIV/AIDS. To learn more about passport, visa and entry requirements, visit the UAE Embassy website. American citizens may use the U.S State Department's website as an additional resource. 

Need to Know

Severe Weather: The United Arab Emirates are extremely hot during the summer months. Temperatures of 110 degrees Fahrenheit are not unusual. It is best to visit during the winter when temperatures are safer and more manageable.

Safety Concerns: Pedestrians can never assume that cars will stop for them and drivers must drive defensively. UAE's drivers can be very aggressive and very speedy. Traffic laws are not necessarily followed so keep an eye out for erratic behavior. 

Health Concerns Rip tides and dangerous currents can make swimming dangerous, particularly around Dubai. Pay attention and prevent yourself from drowning by following local instructions.

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