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Uruguay at a Glance

Urugauy's fine beaches, big steaks and its friendly people attract visitors from increasingly far-flung regions of the world. 

The Atlantic coast has many areas set up for tourism. Resorts, sailing, scuba diving and swimming beaches keep visitors smiling as they enjoy the warm suns and the chalky white sand that lines Uruguay's coast. At night, beach bronzed bodies head to clubs and restaurants to party before spending another relaxing day at the beach. 

Rivers crisscross interior Urugauy and colonial towns and cities pop up beside them like mushrooms. Enjoy an atmospheric stroll through cobbled streets, gaze at some Spanish colonial architecture and then head for the countryside for hiking, white-water rafting, horse back riding, mountain biking and whatever other sporting activities you can think of. When you're all tired out, sit down to a local steak, or nudge up to the counter at a mom and pop restaurant serving locals. 

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  • Major Airport Carrasco Gral. Cesáreo L. Berisso International Airport

Passport / Visa Requirements

Travelers from the U.S, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Europe do not need a visa for travel into Uruguay. A valid passport will gain travelers access to Uruguay for up to 3 months. For more information, contact the Uruguay Consulate's office in your country. American citizens can use the U.S State Department's website for more information as well.

Need to Know

Severe Weather Coastal regions are hit with rain and strong winds from April to November. Summer months, especially January, can be witheringly hot in the interior. 

Safety Concerns Uruguay is a fairly safe nation without many serious threats to tourists. As with everywhere you go, never leave valuables unattended and protect your bags from pickpockets. 

Health Concerns:  Bring a water purifier or boil your water to purify it. You'll want to speak with your doctor at least two months before your trip to plan out any vaccinations and discuss health measures you'll need to take. 

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