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Venezuela at a Glance

Venezuela is a country of contrasts both in its landscapes and in the lifestyle of its people. Oil money made some in this country very rich, while others crowd in ever-growing shanty towns that climb the sides of Caracas' hills. If visitors are well prepared for the country's dangerous sides, they can enjoy a lively if gritty Caracas, gorgeous Caribbean coast and lush, fertile jungle. 

What you chose to do in Venezuela depends on when you visit. Famously tall Angel Falls is best viewed in the wet season from October - April. You'll take a boat ride deep into the interior of the Amazon to discover this world-renown wonder. During the dry season, you are better served on the Caribbean coast or in the city of Caracas. Lively festivals for Carnival, Christmas and other more local events are always big draws.  

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Passport / Visa Requirements

Visitors from the U.S., Canada and European Union will need a valid passport with an expiration date of over six months to enter Venezuela. A tourist card is issued upon arrival and last for up to 90 days. Passports must be clean and in good condition to avoid detention at the border. Travelers may be required to show proof of accommodation in Venezuela as well as an onward departure itinerary. American citizens can learn more about travel to Venezuela on the U.S. State Department's website

Need to Know

Severe Weather and Seismic Events Heavy rains beat Venezuela from May - November. The rains can trigger mud-slides or make roads impassible. Earthquakes do occur in Venezuela.  

Safety Concerns Safety is a serious concern in Venezuela especially in Caracas and in areas bordering Colombia. Violent crime, kidnapping, robbery and pickpocketing are large problems. Take extra precautions in Maiquetia International Airport. Keep your valuables hidden and preferably strapped onto your person. Visitors have reported thefts, muggings and kidnappings in the airport. It's best not to bring anything of value into Venezuela. Carry your passport with you at all times in the case of a security check-point. Only carry small amounts of money and give it up readily if you are held up. Venezuela has frequent travel warnings and American visitors can stay updated with safety concerns by using the U.S. State Department website

Health Concerns Boil all tap water for at least three minutes or use a water filter. Visitors should speak with their health care provider two months prior to their trip to learn about vaccinations and discuss health-related concerns. 

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