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Yucatan Peninsula
Travel Planning
Yucatan Peninsula

Yucatan Peninsula at a Glance

Whether you want to spend your days on shimmering white coral beaches, or clambering around Mayan ruins the Yucatan peninsula offers endless opportunities to explore.

The Atlantic facing beaches are some of Mexico's finest and the water runs the gamut from like blue to deep blue to aquamarine to turquoise. Let yourself be fascinated by the underwater coral and rich animal life you can see with a snorkel. Enjoy a good soak in the sun and then dip yourself into the warm ocean water.

Further from the ocean, enjoy limestone pools, hot springs and strange subterranean rivers. Explore dry caves and scramble through forests brimming with wildlife. Let the Mayan ruins scattered everywhere across the peninsula fill you with wonder. These huge, stone structures are a marvel of engineering and are sometimes a mystery. Like everything else in the Yucatan, it helps if you open your eyes and then let your imagination soar.

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Passport / Visa Requirements

American tourists and residents of Schengen countries usually do not need a visa to visit Mexico if tourism is the purpose of their trip. However, the Mexican authorities issue you a tourist card when you enter the country and it is important that you hold on to it. The cost of the tourist card varies with the exchange rate and is somewhere around $22. If your trip includes work, humanitarian aid or studies, you will need a visa. Contact a Mexican Consulate for more information. American citizens can also research Mexican travel at the U.S State Department website.

Need to Know

Severe Weather Yucatan is influenced by the Atlantic Hurricane belt. Additionally, sudden storms called nortes will bring heavy rain and wind to the region.

Safety Concerns Yucatan is not heavily involved with drug traffic and violence. Tourists need to watch out for petty theft. Protect valuables and never leave belongings unattended.

Health Concerns Drink bottled water in Yucatan if you are unfamiliar with Mexico's drinking water.

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