China's Most Deliciously Authentic Cuisines By Region

Despite its myriad architectural feats, creative arts and stunning natural beauty, China’s greatest legacy is one that can be tasted. Sweet and spicy, tangy and fresh, Chinese cuisine is as diverse as its provinces – where you travel will dictate everything from the heat to flavor of the dishes. Regardless of the region you find yourself in, it’s a safe bet you’ll find something that’ll please your tastebuds.
Man Selling Goods at Market [Dali, China]


Peking Cuisine, Northern China and Beijing | The seasons of China’s northern provinces tend to be extreme with hot, dry summers and cold winters. As such, the cuisine is somewhat heartier than other regions and noodles are consumed more often than rice. Dumplings, pancakes, and Mu Sho pork are all popular dishes.
Chinese Street Food [Shanghai, China]

Shanghai Cuisine, Eastern China | The cuisine of Eastern China is notable for being particularly sweet and tangy. Cooking with soy sauce, as well as rice wine and vinegar is especially popular here, along with “red cooking,” where meat is braised with sauce, sugar and spices and slow-cooked for hours. Both noodles and rice are used in most dishes along with fish and tofu.
Steamed Dumplings [Beijing, China]

Cantonese Cuisine, Southern China | If sweet and sour chicken, barbequed spareribs and salt and pepper shrimp are among your favorite take-out dishes, you are a fan of Cantonese cooking. Often considered the best of Chinese cuisine, the variety of sauces and ingredients make Cantonese food special. Dim Sum, those flavorful dumplings and wontons, also originate in the southern provinces.
Szechuan Chicken and Rice

Szechuan Cuisine, Western China | Spicy and flavorful, Szechuan cuisine is the result of numerous influences, including Buddhist missionaries and other travelers of China’s Silk Road. Dishes are notable for being hot and vegetable-heavy and stir fry dishes are especially popular. In the provinces of Szechuan, Hunan and Yunnan, rice is the most popular side dish as it tames the spice level.

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