7 European Castles to Visit in America

There is something about a castle that instantly conjures images of intrigue: secret tunnels, illustrious royalty and the possibility (though ever so slight) of catching sight of a dragon. Europe has long held a monopoly on these captivating fortresses, yet there’s actually no need to cross an ocean to experience the magic of a castle. From California to New York, America is home to a variety of castles, including the following seven, certain to delight any traveler in search of fairytale destinations.
Boldt Castle [Heart Island, New York]

Boldt Castle, New York | The story of Boldt Castle is romantic enough to rival the love affair of Guinevere and Sir Lancelot. After vacationing on the heart-shaped isle of New York’s Thousands Island with his wife, industrialist George Boldt decided to buy the island for his wife in 1900. However, when his wife died four years later, construction on the six-story castle abruptly stopped and the property lay vacant and unfinished for 73 years. Today, visitors may visit the property from May to October.
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