Why Only Real Travelers Go to Europe During Autumn

Paris is always a good idea. Not just in the spring when the flowers are blooming, the summer when Parisians are lounging on patios or in the winter when snow and ice perfectly cap the monuments. Paris, and all of Europe, are also a good idea in the fall. You could even say, it’s the best time for your European vacation. Here’s why:

Tourists in front of Brandenburg Gate [Berlin, Germany]

It’s shoulder season. September through October constitutes as the shoulder season, the best of both worlds between high-season summer and low-season winter. It’s when daylight still stretches into the evening hours, crowds have dispersed and cities are welcoming and ready to delight.

The accommodations are more affordable. You have two routes on how to spend your money during shoulder season. You can pay for quality lodging at the level you usually are accustomed to, and pay less. You could also budget the same amount you would for a high-season trip, but reserve stays at luxurious accommodations you normally couldn’t afford.  

Your budget will get you further. The fluctuating value of the dollar and its exchange rate makes it difficult to budget what exactly a trip to Europe will cost you. During shoulder season though, you can afford to visit places where the dollar is typically weak, like London. The extra money you save in lodging and airfare by traveling during the slower season can be used towards these destinations. 

You’ll get to see the Mona Lisa. Many visitors to the Louvre find they have to squint over crowds to catch a glimpse of the surprisingly small-in-size Mona Lisa. The beauty of travel in September and October is that you can actually appreciate this and other pieces of artwork without peeking over someone else’s shoulder. 

No need to go overboard. Your quest to save money can quickly become all-consuming. If it is more affordable to travel to Europe in the shoulder season, won’t it be even cheaper during winter? The answer is yes, but it comes with its own unique costs. You may find it too cold to comfortably walk around your intended destinations and popular attractions may be closed. What makes shoulder season so great is that you are still assured decent weather, an affordable cost and invaluable memories. 

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