The Best Souvenirs to Bring Back from Abroad

A souvenir isn’t like any other ordinary trinket. A souvenir holds with it the memories and culture of its origin, reminding you of the worldly travels that brought you to its source. It’s a reminder that the planet is a great, big place, waiting for you to discover it. Fill your home with these souvenirs from your travels for a touch of worldly beauty.

Traditional ethnic craft market [Ecuador]

Destination | Ecuador
Souvenir | Alpaca Woven Blanket

Vibrant Ecuadorian markets bustle as the Andean village people meander through the stands or peddle their handmade goods. The colorful woven blankets and ponchos particularly stand out with their geometric patterns and carefully dyed ombres. Made from alpaca wool, Ecuadorian crafters hand-weave the blankets on threaded looms. The cloth can be brought back home to curl up with on cold nights for a reminder of your wanderings through the patchwork of towns.

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