Do Colombian women hate gutsy guys?


So I went to Colombia a few days ago for a little vacation with the gang. We visited some tourist destinations and damn, Colombia is undeniably beautiful especially when it comes to its women. Colombian women are totally hot and those tans in their skin are just so sexy. So, while on ur stay there, we decided to go on nightclubbing and found some amazing nightclubs around the area where we were staying. While I was just sitting around watching my friends play around with some girls, I noticed this girl, a Colombiana, who was also sitting alone so I decided to approach and talk to her. I sat down on the seat beside her and started to talk to her through the pickup lines I usually say to girls but it was nothing to her. I introduced myself and what I got from her was something surprising. She told me she’s not interested in men like me. Man, it was the first time I got turned down outright!

posted 8/22/2018 by ericthetraveller Colombia

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Asked: 8/22/2018
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