What neighborhoods or sites should I visit in Montreal?


I'll be visiting Montreal for the first time this month, I would love to visit vibrant neighborhoods in Montreal or the surrounding area. Are there any "can't miss" places?

posted 10/24/2014 by larryzutavern Montreal (CA) Canada

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Whenever I used to visit Montreal I'd try to hit as many of the following as possible:

  • The Old Port of Montreal
  • St. Catherines street
  • Bell Centre/new forum. Plus the old forum, it's a lot of hockey history, and my favourite restaurant is right next door (indeed the only St. Hubert's I'll go to)
  • Olympic Stadium, although it was more when they had a baseball team.
  • Westmount, if you want to see some history and see how the rich folks live in Montreal.
  • Mount Royal, has a great view of the city.
  • Montreal casino
posted 10/24/2014 by msv1951

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